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[Method] Make Money with Birthday Campaigns on Facebook


New member
Jun 29, 2019


With the right approach, this could be your 'set it and forget it' ad running 24/7 for 365 days, making some serious $$$ 
► How to target Birthdays (targeting options on Facebook)Demographics > Life Events > Birthday > Upcoming BirthdayUpcoming birthday
Demographics > Life Events > Birthday > Birthday MonthBirthday in JanuaryBirthday in FebruaryBirthday in MarchBirthday in AprilBirthday in MayBirthday in JuneBirthday in JulyBirthday in AugustBirthday in SeptemberBirthday in OctoberBirthday in NovemberBirthday in December
Demographics > Life Events > Friends ofClose Friends of Women with a Birthday in 0-7 daysClose Friends of Women with a Birthday in 7-30 daysClose Friends of Men with a Birthday in 0-7 daysClose Friends of Men with a Birthday in 7-30 daysClose friends of people with birthdays in a monthClose friends of people with birthdays in a week
I will talk about two methods I have experience with - Birthday campaigns for e-commerce, and how I helped set up a campaign for a restaurant.Method #1 - For eCommerce Offers:

  • A gift worth $$.
  • Mystery bag worth $$ - this works amazingly in any woman niche. Combine several low-cost products with high perceived value. You can easily find a few products that will cost you $5, and be worth $20.
  • Free shipping.
With birthday offer ads you can:

  • Reactivate buyers.
  • Retarget website visitors who have a birthday this month.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Acquire new customers by targeting those who have friends with upcoming birthdays.
To make this powerful, you can narrow the targeting (MUST ALSO match) with:

  • Your niche audience ('I love Pitbulls',...),
  • Create 1% lookalike audiences from your buyers, ATC, newsletter, ...
Bonus tips:

  • You can create an ad where they have to leave a comment, connect that ad to your messenger bot, and follow up. Ask a question easy to answer.
  • Retarget visitors of birthday landing page with a discount to maximize the profits.
Method #2 - For RestaurantsYou can make a great side business with this method by contacting restaurants in your area (or any city) and offer to set up this for them. If you connect this to a messenger, you can charge a monthly fee 
Show them how powerful this can be by offering them 7-day free trial where they only pay for ads once they get a few people that will be a no brainer for them.Offers:

  • 'You eat for free' (worth $20).
  • Free drinks for $10-20.
Usually, no one will get there alone, and will, on average, bring at least 3 people. If they on average spend $20 per person, and you get them 3 people per week, that can bring an additional $180/week ($720/month, etc.) of business for them, and that's a minimum.Facebook ads:Use video ads, and retarget with more direct offer the custom audience that watched the video.Bonus >> How to target their competitors directlyThe trick to do this is micro-location targeting. You pin competitors location and can even exclude surrounding to get more accurate.For this, you will need several ad sets, one for every competitor. Facebook apparently knows who was in that location recently > thank you, Mark, for tracking us around 
You are targeting known active users that are eating/drinking at a competitor. It's an engaged audience that will more likely be interested in your offer.This could result in a very small audience, and FB won't be able to give you any reach. If you are from a small city/town target broader.Facebook ads for micro-targeting:

  1. Target the location with video ads > You are building an audience for several competitors.
  2. Combine all the audiences you are gathering into one ad set and retarget them with birthday offer. Retarget anyone who watched 5s video.
That's it for today! 


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